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Tips for great photos

Photos are a great way of attracting attention to your fundraising efforts. Here are our top tips on how to get the best from using photos on your page.

1. Raise your profile
Make sure you add a photo of you to your fundraising profile – it helps people to recognise you when they’re searching for your page and gives it a personal touch.

2. Give updates on your training
Get someone to take photos of you training for your event. Whether you’re running, climbing or cycling, whatever you’re doing people will be interested to see how it’s all going and they’ll be inspired to support you.

3. Use charity branding
If you’ve got any merchandise with your charity branding on, maybe a T-shirt or a hat, get some photos with you wearing it. This will help raise the profile of the charity you’re supporting and people will find it easier to spot you on the day.

Taking great photos

4. Capture your event
Make sure you get someone to take photos of you on the big day. It’s surprising how many people will donate after you’ve completed your event, and having photos showing what you’ve achieved will inspire others to start fundraising too.

5. Uploading your photos
It’s easy to upload photos onto your page – our guide to uploading photos shows you how.


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