Help guides

Updating your fundraising page

You can update your fundraising page whenever you like.

Step 1
Sign into your Virgin Money Giving account and go to ‘update my page’. If you have more than one fundraising page, click on the one you’d like to update.
Step 2
Your fundraising page details will appear. You can now work through and make your changes:

Change the content
Edit or completely rewrite your page, just like you did when you first set up your page.

Event details
You can change the date of your event if you need to. If you’re taking part in a large, organised event (e.g. the London Marathon) the event organisers will do this for you.

Fundraising page end date
You can put back or bring forward the date your page is removed from Virgin Money Giving. It’s best to leave your page open for a while after your event has finished because people may want to sponsor you afterwards too.

If you’d like to close your page now, just tick the box and we’ll do it for you straightaway.

Event location
Update where your event is taking place if needed. Again, if it’s a large event the organisers will do this for you.

Thank you messages
Change the thank you message sent to people who sponsor you, and pick whether you receive an email or not when you have a new sponsor.

Step 3
When you’re happy, click ‘save changes’.