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Promoting your campaign

Virgin Money Giving Campaigns is a new, flexible tool which lets you set up your fundraising campaign so you can bring fundraisers and donors together for a specific objective.

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Here are our top ten tips to help you maximise your campaign fundraising:

  • Share your campaign’s custom URL on your social media pages, including Facebook and Twitter.
  • Create a poster with your campaign URL on and ask your local Virgin Money Store if they are happy to include it on their Community Hub.
  • Create a short URL to include in emails and direct mail, making it easier for people to remember it. Google lets you create short URLs (and QR codes) and gives you real-time analytics about who’s clicking them.
  • Offer to create bespoke event and charity of the year pages for local sports groups and organisations and their members. Make them feel special and they’ll raise even more.
  • Link to your campaign from your website and blogs.
  • Ask your local radio station to promote your campaign for free. If it’s for a project to help the local area they are more likely to support it.
  • Create a PR release about the campaign and share the URL in it. The more coverage it gets, the more fundraisers and donors you’ll attract.
  • Create leaflets to promote your campaign (including your short URL) and ask local businesses/corporate partners to hand them out.
  • Share it with your corporate partners (e.g. supply wording for their intranet or desk drops for them to use). Don’t forget to include your URL.
  • Tell Virgin Money Giving. We share the best campaigns with fundraisers on our blog and social media pages. Email us and we might include you!