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If you're an existing fundraiser or charity you can still sign in to your account until the platform closes fully in February 2022.

Business Giving Terms

Version 24.06.21

If you need these Terms in a different format, please email us at You can also call us on 03456 01 10 45. We’re open Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.30 pm. Calls are at your service provider's rate.

Our Privacy Policy applies at all times. As the Privacy Policy explains, we may share personal information with Charities and other third parties. Please see the Privacy Policy for further details about how we protect and process personal information.

Part 1 – The basics

Part 1 always applies.

1. You need to accept these Terms every time you make a donation by bank transfer and when you’re setting up a Business Hub. They may change every so often. If we change them, we'll update the version on our website (

2. These Terms are between you and Virgin Money Giving Limited ("VMG" / “we” / “us” / “our”).

3. "You" / "your" will always be:

  1. (for partnerships) the firm and the individual partners of the firm.
  2. (for sole traders) the sole trader.
  3. (for limited liability partnerships) the limited liability partnership.
  4. (for private or public limited companies), the company.

4. We’ll also talk about Charities. They’re an organisation(s) with a community or charitable aim or a charity(ies) registered in the UK that has signed up to VMG. Not all Charities are registered charities in the UK; you should get in touch with them if you need more details about their authorisation status.

Part 2 - Making a donation by bank transfer

Part 2 only applies when you’re making a donation by bank transfer using the steps set out in these Terms.

If you make a donation using another method (like by card or PayPal) on the VMG website or through a third party, then you’ll need to agree to our Donation Terms instead.

5. To make a donation by bank transfer:

  1. You'll need to complete the data file that we send to you and return it to us.
  2. We’ll then send you a confirmation document.
  3. You need to confirm the details in the confirmation document are correct.
  4. You then need to transfer the money to the bank details that we give to you.
  5. When we receive the money from you, we'll hold it for the Charity until we pay it to them in the way we’ve agreed with them.

6. We won't process all or part of your donation if it doesn’t match what we expect to receive. We also won’t process it if we have a good reason to think that any of these apply:

  1. You aren't allowed to use the VMG website under these Terms.
  2. Making the donation would break the law or is related to fraudulent activities.
  3. It hasn't been properly authorised.
  4. Some of the information isn’t right.

7. If you’ve sent us the money but we can't process it for any reason, we'll try to send the donation (or part of it) back to the bank account you paid it from within five working days. If we can’t do that, we'll get in touch to arrange the return of the money. If we can't return it to you:

  1. (If that part of your donation was for a registered charity) we’ll tell the Charity’s regulator and follow their instructions.
  2. (If that part of your donation was not for a registered charity) we’ll donate it to another Charity that we choose.

8. If you make a mistake, please tell us as soon as you can. If we've received the money, we'll try to return it. We won't be able to if we've already sent the money to the Charity.

9. We can't promise how a Charity will use a donation. It's up to them to make sure that any donations are used in line with their purpose or fundraising appeal.

Part 3 – Business Hub

Part 3 applies to your Business Hub.

10. To set up and maintain a Business Hub, you’ll need to fill out the details on the sign-up page. Where the information is optional, this will be clearly shown. Information which is not marked as optional must be completed fully. It is your responsibility to ensure that the information provided is accurate.

11. You must create a password, which you will use to access the Business Hub. You must not share your password or login details with anyone else. If your password or login details are compromised or used without your permission, you must change your password and/or login details as soon as possible.

12. If one of the Charities you’re supporting asks us to change something on your Business Hub, we’ll usually make the change as long as we think there’s a good reason. If you don’t want us to do this, you need to let us know.

13. You agree that you won't post content or information on the VMG website/your Business Hub that:

  • Breaks any law or encourages anyone to break the law.
  • Is untrue, offensive or makes you seem like someone or something else.
  • Uses someone else’s copyright without their permission.
  • Contains surveys, raffles, lotteries, competitions, pyramid schemes, adverts or chain letters.
  • Contains viruses or any other computer code, files or programs that affect the use of any software or hardware.

14. You're not allowed to remove or change anything on the VMG website, except for the content on your Business Hub. You also can't use the VMG website to send junk email or 'spam'.

15. We can close your Business Hub if we have a good reason to - like a Charity asks us to or you've not followed these Terms. We'll try to tell you before, but we might not always be able to.

16. If you want to close your Business Hub, please contact us.

Part 4 - The rest

Part 4 always applies.

Keeping in touch

17. You can email us at

18. We will get in touch using the details that you gave us when setting up your Business Hub. So it’s really important that you contact us to let us know if they change.

Intellectual property

Information you share

19. By using the VMG website you’re allowing us to use any content you put on it (like trademarks, photos and videos). We can use it anywhere in the world, forever and without charge. We can also edit it, transfer it or let others use it or edit it.

20. You can ask us to stop using the content. But we may need to close your Business Hub and we won’t be able to do anything about content that has been shared with others if they haven’t deleted it.

21. When content’s deleted from the VMG website, we may keep backup copies for a reasonable period of time.

Information we share

22. We own (or have permission to use) all of the intellectual property rights on the VMG website, including all information, designs, graphics and their layout. You need to get our written permission to use, copy or download any of it for commercial purposes.

23. But you can use the VMG logo and brand anywhere in the world. You'll always need to follow the "VMG Brand Guidelines" and any instructions we give you. You can find the VMG Brand Guidelines on our website. They're updated every so often. We can stop you from using our VMG logo and brand at any time.


24. If a third party takes legal action against us for a breach of their intellectual property rights in connection with material that you provided to us under these Terms, then you promise to cover all of the loss and expenses that we suffer. And it works the other way round too. So if someone takes legal action against you claiming to own the rights in any material we’ve provided to you under these Terms to you, we have to pay you back if it costs you money.

The VMG website

25. We can suspend or stop the VMG website and/or the services that we provide at any time for any reason. We’ll try to tell you before but this won’t always be possible. We’re not responsible for any loss you suffer if we do this. We won’t pay for any losses you might suffer as a result.

Keeping it confidential

26. If you give us confidential information, we won’t share it with anyone unless one or more of these applies:

  1. We have to because of a law or rule.
  2. You agree that we can.
  3. The information is already public (unless we’ve shared it when we shouldn’t have).
  4. We need to share it with someone else to do something we say we’ll do in these Terms – as long as they agree to keep it confidential.

The law

"Personal Data" and "Controller" have the same meaning as in the EU General Data Protection Regulation and any related UK laws and regulations ("the Data Protection Legislation").

27. English law applies to these Terms. If either of us have to take the other to court, it’ll be to the courts of England and Wales.

28. We and you both have to follow all relevant laws and regulations (like the Bribery Act 2010 and Data Protection Legislation).

29. We and you are each separate Controllers and sharing of Personal Data between you and us will be as separate Controllers.

Other important information

30. Our registered address is Jubilee House, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 4PL. Our company number is 02733492.

31. These Terms are just between you and us. No one else has any rights under them.

32. The information on the VMG website is just general. It's not advice to rely on. The VMG website will sometimes link to other websites. We don't have control over those other websites and we're not responsible for them.

33. We don't check or approve anything on the VMG website that’s created by other users and/or Charities. So we’re not responsible for it.

34. We’re not responsible for any loss if we don’t keep to these Terms because:

  1. We’ve had to act in a certain way because of the law.
  2. Something unusual or unexpected has happened and we couldn’t control or avoid it.

35. Absolutely nothing in these Terms is meant to limit your or our responsibility more than the law allows. Apart from where these Terms say anything different, neither of us is responsible for any indirect losses – such as loss of profits or loss of opportunity.


36. If you’re not happy, please email us at We'll look into it and, if needed, we’ll put things right.

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