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If you're an existing fundraiser or charity you can still sign in to your account until the platform closes fully in February 2022.

Cookies currently used on Virgin Money Giving

Last update 12/10/2020

Cookie categoryCookie ownersPurpose
Unique session IDVirgin Money GivingTo help our site remember what page you are on when you’re making a donation, registering or updating your page.
User flagVirgin Money GivingEnables the user name to be show in the header by holding credentials within the session.
Donor flagVirgin Money GivingEnables us to recognise and greet returning donors. The cookie contain no personally identifiable information but acts as a flag to match the donor's name on our database.
Single sign inVirgin Money GivingEnables the user to be signed in on all Virgin Money Giving web applications.
Facebook sign inFacebookEnables the user to sign in to Virgin Money Giving using their existing Facebook account.
Session securityVirgin Money GivingPrevents a user’s session from being taken over by somebody else.
Session PerformanceVirgin Money GivingEnables VMG to evenly distribute users across their servers to maintain system and session performance.
Customer preferencesVirgin Money GivingEnables us to remember your preferences as you move around our website – for example, if you choose to view the full Virgin Money Giving site on your mobile device, rather than our mobile optimised version.
E-privacyEvidonTo help our site remember not to re-show the cookie message once a visitor has clicked 'Accept'. The cookie is currently set for 12 months, after which the message will reappear.
Website visit informationGoogle AnalyticsGoogle Analytics uses cookies to help us to track which pages are accessed. This allows us to understand how popular our site is and record visitor trends over time. The cookies contain no personally identifiable information but some of them do use your IP address to help determine where in the world you are accessing the site from and to track pages you visit within the site.
Payment cookiesPayPalThird party cookie to enable donations from your PayPal account.
Security certificationVerisignThird party cookie that lets Verisign know which sites refer traffic to them and is used for business to business statistical and marketing purposes.
Manage online advertisingFacebook
To help us manage our online marketing, by letting us know which adverts, websites and search terms are the most effective. They do not contain any unencrypted personally identifiable information.
Blog cookiesWordpress
Scorecard research
Third party cookies present on our Wordpress hosted blog for tracking and to provide your avatar image when you like or comment on a post.
Video tracking cookiesVimeoUsed where we embed video on the site from our Vimeo account. The cookie remembers your player preferences like volume level and whether you are logged in to Vimeo.
Social mediaFacebook
Enables users to share fundraising pages across Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.
Visitor informationYoutubeCookie may be set by pages featuring YouTube content. Youtube may collect vistor data in line with their privacy policy to show relevant ads on its site.
Website visit informationQantcastThird party cookie present on our Mashery hosted developer site. Used to measure site performance and track which pages are accessed.
Tailor online advertisingGoogle
We use remarketing list cookies to recognise people who have previously visited parts of our website. This information helps us to tailor our adverts to you and your interests. So when you next search on Google or see our adverts on sites across the Internet we'll aim to get our most relevant messages to you.
Chat cookiesFreshChat
Heap Analytics
These cookies allows us to engage with you via chat, track usage and also give notifications.
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