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We are now closed

If you're an existing fundraiser or charity you can still sign in to your account until the platform closes fully in February 2022.

We no longer offer this service

Following our decision to close Virgin Money Giving we are no longer offering this service. If you have any questions please take a look at our Q&A, or email us at We'll do everything we can to help.

Read our Q&A
Boost your fundraising with unwanted items - World of Books

Boost your fundraising with unwanted items

We’ve partnered with Ziffit, a free online service, to sell unwanted books, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and games, whose value can be donated directly to your fundraising page. With charity shops closed and many of us staying at home, now is the time to get clearing out those cupboards and start raising funds.#DeclutterAndDonate

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Donate your stuff and get family and friends to do the same

Every fundraising page comes with a unique link to the Ziffit website - simply select ‘Donate your stuff’- all proceeds will be donated to your page:

Step 1 - Enter the barcode

Enter the barcode number or ISBN of your product and get an instant value

Step 2 - Complete the online trade

Complete the online trade and pack up your unwanted goodies

Step 3 - Use Ziffit's free courier

Use Ziffit's free courier* or drop-off service to send your items, free of charge

Step 4 - Value of your items will donated to your VMG page

The value of the items will be donated to your fundraising page

Fundraisers Ziffit FAQs

You can easily share your unique Ziffit link. You can find this in the ‘Share’ section of you fundraising account when you log in.

Yes. The charity linked to your personal fundraising page will be prepopulated when using your unique Ziffit link.

Yes – whenever someone makes a donation or sponsors a friend we’ll ask them if they’re eligible for Gift Aid. If they are and agree to claim Gift Aid, we’ll reclaim the Gift Aid from HMRC and it will be passed on to the charity in full.

Ziffit will confirm when the trade has been processed and once we have received the money, we’ll email you to let you know we’ve made the donation.

Once Ziffit has received your items, they’ll pass the proceeds to us weekly so we can donate them to your fundraising page.

Your trade will be displayed the same as a regular monetary donation.

There aren’t any. This service is completely free to use.

Ziffit FAQs

Ziffit is a really easy way to trade in your old Books, Games, DVDs and CDs. It’s quick and easy for you to get cash for your stuff (which can be turned into donations) and it is completely free.

You can trade in your books, games, DVDs and CDs in one easy to manage trade. Ziffit are unable to accept PC games unfortunately and can only accept books that have an ISBN number.

It's simple! Your books, games, DVDs and CDs all have a barcode on the cover. Simply locate the barcode and type all of the numerical digits above or under the barcode into the search box.

Ziffit can only accept items with a barcode number, this is a unique 10 or 13 digit number used to catalogue saleable goods.

We understand that people may have some concerns about the safety of trading items online in regards to Coronavirus. The information provided by the NHS is "it's very unlikely it can be spread through things like packages or food". Ziffit are working to fulfil all trades as usual.

As social distancing is ever-more important, some Collect+ locations are having to shut their doors. So that you can continue to use Ziffit for as long as possible, they have reduced their courier collection weight requirements so that the majority of trades will be collected from your home. To qualify for free DPD contact-free collection service your trade will need to weigh a minimum of 5kg (this is around the weight of 15 average paperback books).

Your trade can be collected for FREE. To qualify for free DPD contact-free collection service your trade will need to weigh a minimum of 5kg (this is around the weight of 15 average paperback books).

Or send your trade in using their Free Collect + service, just find your most convenient Collect+ Store and drop it in. There are over 5000 Collect+ shops nationwide and chances are there's one within a mile of where you are now. You'll be given a receipt for your package, remember to keep this safe for proof of postage.

Yes, to qualify for this FREE courier service your trade just needs to weigh at least 5kg.

If you have a printer – great! You’ll be able to print off all the information needed for your packaging at home. If not, that’s fine too. All you need to do is write your trade number, supplied at checkout, on your package. Ziffit’s courier partners will take care of the rest.

The minimum number of items you can send in a trade is 10, or less if the value is over £5. There is no limit on how many items you can send.

*To qualify for free DPD contact-free collection service your trade will need to weigh a minimum of 5kg (this is around the weight of 15 average paperback books).

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